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Construction on Fitts Farm began in 1999 when Joe Calderola, the developer, gained permission from the town of Durham to create an over 55 community on land previously owned by the family of Perley Fitts, a long-time Durham resident. The first units were built on Fitts Farm Drive and were attached duplexes. Later, Marden Way was developed and those single-family units are included in the Fitts Farm Condominium Association. All units include a first-floor bedroom, wide doors that can accommodate a wheel chair, air conditioning, a gas fireplace, and other amenities for enjoyable and easy living. There are 28 units in the FFCA.

The Association hires contractors who plow the roads and driveways and shovel the walkways. Yard services are engaged so that residents do not have to mow or take care of their lawns. Each unit has a small bed in the front yard that members can take care of and landscape as they wish. Residents can also garden behind their units (up to 25 feet). In 2009, we established a community vegetable garden.

Some residents have been given permission to expand their personal gardens and install generators in common areas. Each person who has opted to engage in this sort of expansion has a signed contract with the Association where they agree to maintain all these impacted areas permanently. This agreement is transferable to future owners.

It is the sellers obligation to disclose any such agreement. Anyone who is considering purchasing a home at Fitts Farm is encouraged to determine if there is an agreement in place for their future property and recognize that per the agreement, responsibility to maintain those areas both financially and physically will be borne by them and will also be transferred to any and all future owners.

The condominium association is a part of the larger Fitts Farm development which includes the Fellows Lane Condominium Association (another over 55 association); private, single-family homes on Edgewood, Emerson, and Fitts Farm Drive; and a 4-unit condominium association on Edgewood. Homes are currently being built on Perley Lane which is off of Edgewood Road.

The Fitts Farm Condominium Board meets regularly to handle the business of running the association. There are five board members; each member serves a two-year term and terms are staggered to ensure some continuity of leadership. Currently the officers are: Terry Forbes (president), Jane Bagnell (secretary), Robin Cross (landscape chair), Armand Van Velthoven (maintenance chair), and Henk Spaanenberg (member-at-large). Paul and Carol LaCross share treasurer duties and are nonvoting participants. The Association has decided that they prefer to coordinate the work done for them rather than use a management company. Thus, the Board consists entirely of volunteers from the Fitts Farm community. 

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